A New Way of Thinking

When the fire ends, the life begins

Costa Candles was founded with the core value of protecting the environment and creating a product which is both eco-friendly and 100% vegan. But, we didn’t want to stop there. We needed to do more.

We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with pottery masters who produce organic and handmade ceramics as vessels for our candles. Our “Day” and “Night” pots are designed to be re-used as pots for your plants, after the life of the candle has come to an end. So, when the fire ends, a new life may begin.

Night Candle - Costa Candles
Day Candle - Costa Candles

All of our vessels are designed to be reused

All of our products and packagings are designed so that they can be enjoyed for other purposes. The bags of our candles are also meant to be used for many purposes around your home!


To re-use your pot simply remove the holder of the wick and add soil, seeds or a seedling of your choice. Remember to water and nurture your new plant.


We love to see how you have decorated your pot, send us images at info@costacandles.store.

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