When the fire ends the life begins

The reason behind Costa Candles

Scents are essential in our everyday life, they have multiple benefits for the physical and mental well being. We live in a society of continuous change that involves daily stress. Costa Candles was born with the idea of alleviating this stress in order to enjoy the present moment at its fullest.


I’ve always had a huge passion for scents and candle making. Out of this enthusiasm, a burning desire was born to perfect and combine the two into a product, which is both eco-friendly and 100% vegan.


Sadly, many of our lifestyles currently include a lot of disposable products and hence, an astonishing amount of waste is produced, on a yearly basis. My goal is to ensure Costa Candles follows a different concept.


The core value of our company is to form a life cycle in which our candles can be enjoyed after the fire ends, including our bags. Our candles are made only with custom made wooden wicks that provide the best crackling sound to soothe your days.


I am very proud of the life the candle holds after ending. I hope they bring you many cosy moments instilling the sense of calm and serenity needed in our daily life.



Javi Costa Polo

Javi Costa Polo - Costa Candles