Costa Candles - Easter Statue
Easter Statue
The following shape was inspired by the Easter island statues called Moai. The Moai are the living faces of deified ancestors that face away from the ocean and towards the villages to watch over the people.   Our candles are made from vegan soy wax and hand poured in Madrid, Spain.   Creamy white or grey pearl colors are available for this candle, it can be used as a decorative item if you think it’s just too beautiful to burn!   Creamy white candle comes with a scent of bright citrus and a touch of black cherry which enhance the dark plum heart of this fragrance.   Pearl grey candle's scent of white sage and lavender promotes a tranquil aura which helps to ensure a restful night’s sleep.   Our candles are handcrafted with patience and love, made of vegan soy wax and fragrances. We encourage zero waste after usage, making our products 100% biodegradable.    
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