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I can not express how much sharing this news means to me. I have learned so much since the beginning of this journey, and I am so happy to finally be ready to present it to the world. Costa Candles are 100% vegan, only using Soy Wax to ensure the longest burn (+45h) and the preservation of the fragrance much longer. The vessels are hand made in Spain by local artisans. They are designed so that when the fire ends the life begins, providing a pot for small plants after the candle is finished. They are made in Spain and by me and I hope you guys love them.

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  1. Kim Miller

    The site won’t let me order because it wants an American zip code and I’m in Canada! ☹️ Not sure what to do. I have been so looking forward to ordering these.

    • Costa Candles

      We are happy to hear the issue was solved. Thank thank you for letting us know about it and thank you for your order! We are looking forward to sending you the candles!

  2. Susan Baruth

    Javi..just bought 4 day candles..I can’t wait to get them..I. so excited 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  3. Susan Baruth

    Hi Javi❣ It’s Susie again..I just watched your sweet video clip and ordered 4 more to include the night candles..you sold me on the scent..I’m so excited to get them..I will have one in each room for the day and night. Thank you so much..your so sweet..huggs 💓

  4. Claudia Gonzales

    Hi Javi This is Claudia one of your loyal customers am really enjoying Costa Candles, so far I’ve burnt out five Candles, so am ready to order some more, its past midnight hope you are having sweet dreams.

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